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Dive into a unique Minecraft experience where digital currency bridges the game and the real world.

(Java Edition Preferred)

About Sovereign Craft

Sovereign Craft is more than a server—it's an educational platform where the in-game currency is as real as it gets. Our unique system integrates Bitcoin, teaching players about digital currency through play.

Choose Your Adventure

SMP - Value for Value

Engage in classic Survival mode enhanced with player-driven economies. Secure your creations, trade with others, and witness the synergy of in-game and real-world economies. Family-friendly for all players.

Sataria - A World of Strategy

Navigate a geopolitical landscape with nations, taxes, and clans. Immerse yourself in rich lore and history, where every decision can tip the balance of power.

What is Sovereign Craft?

Sovereign Craft is a Minecraft server that allows a player to learn, use and play in a world that uses real digital money in game. Sovereign Craft is the only server that uses real in game wallets that work in the real world as well. Sovereign Craft teaches players how to interact with and use the best money ever created, Bitcoin.

Why Sovereign Craft Stands Out

Bitcoin - More Than Just Money

If Bitcoin makes you pause, it's time to learn what makes it the ultimate form of hard money. Join us and discover the future of currency.