Come Join us in Minecraft (Java Preferred)
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Explore a world that uses real digital money in game and out

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SMP Value for Value

Our Survival world is a great place to play the Minecraft you've come to know and love. There are player claims to protect your builds, and an economy run by players where you can experience the power of an economy that operates across real and game worlds.
Suitable for all ages


Sataria is geopolitical world that includes nations, taxes, clans, and many roles. Lore & history are major parts of this dynamic world full of challenges.

What is Sovereign Craft?

Sovereign Craft is a Minecraft server that allows a player to learn, use and play in a world that uses real digital money in game. Sovereign Craft is the only server that uses real in game wallets that work in the real world as well. Sovereign Craft teaches players how to interact with and use the best money ever created, Bitcoin.

Sovereign Craft is different

This server works on a value-for-value philosophy there are almost no components that could be considered lotto or gambling to make our server completely focused on eduction and exposure not habits innappropriate for certain groups of people. You can put in work for real exchangeable value or pay someone else for their work with no barriers between the real world and the game. All of this is accomplished while playing an enjoyable game.

Bitcoin, really?

If the word Bitcoin causes a kneejerk reaction, it is likely due to bias and not knowing enough about this wonderful new form of money. Come in and learn about want constitutes hard money and why it is so much more important than most realize.