3rd Party Plugins

Auction house

We use the Auction house plugin for the majority of player trading. See also fees. The basics are:

Advanced Teleport

Grief Prevention

Item Exchange

The Item Exchange works as a commodity exchange. Unlimited inventory for your commodities (non enchanted items). It takes a little getting used to but is awesome and also teaches how a commodities market works in real life in many ways.



This server is funded entirely from service fees and donations. Fees can be avoided entirely, but if you get value from this server, please consider supporting it so we can keep it running.

Efforts will be made to ensure players experience minimal disadvantage without paying anything provided they vote. Fees will be updated frequently in the early days to achieve this goal.



Claims by default expire after 90 days of inactivity. Players who purchase at least 100 caim blocks will not have their claim expire.